The Precision Electric Dumbwaiters, from Master Lifts , are the ideal goods lifts to suit residential, commercial, healthcare and hospitality applications.

The Precision Electric Dumbwaiter lifts can transport goods ranging from food items, suitcases, paper, machine parts, liquids, medical supplies, clothing and many other items.

The Precision Electric Dumbwaiter goods lifts comes in its own steel shaft and can serve buildings of up to 5 levels.

Features of the Precision Electric Dumbwaiters Lifts:

  • Can carry up to 275kg capacity
  • 12 metres maximum travel distance
  • Can be installed at counter or floor level
  • Cars are made from commercial quality stainless steel
  • Car doors are vertically bi-parting
  • Comes with standard three phase power (option of single phase power)
  • Meets all safety code requirements
The Precision Electric Dumbwaiters, from Master Lifts, are available in custom sizes of up to 900 x 900 x 1000mm. Larger sizes are also available upon request.