Master Lifts  Eurostar low rise platform lift provides wheel chair friendly access to private and public buildings.

The Eurostar BCA allows unprecedented ease of independent operation and is compliant with the DDA, Australian Lift Code Part 14 and incorporates the requirements of BCA E 3.6. The full building standards code compliance makes the Eurostar from Master Lifts ideal for installation in schools and other public buildings.

The Eurostar BCA can be installed both internally and externally. It is available in a range of attractive finishes to complement any décor. 

Available in several models starting from 1000mm elevation and higher, the Eurostar has a host of features including a 1100mm x 1400mm car, an electronic entrance-guarding system and a protective arm that automatically raises as the ramp lowers.

The lift also includes two handrails and Braille and tactile buttons. Crucially, all lift functions are fully automatic. One touch of a button completes: lowering and raising the ramp, elevating the lift and opening and closing the gate. Another touch reverses the process.