Available from Master Lifts , The Liberty residential lift is an ideal addition to multi level homes and provides advantages to all residents regardless of age.

Manufactured in Australia, The liberty residential lift is appealing to home owners and builders as well as architects and designers. The lift provides quick, safe and reliable travel between levels in stylish comfort.

Having a Liberty residential lift will help occupants to avoid stair accidents and strain when carrying groceries, laundry, children’s gear, and even suitcases and other items up and down stairs. Installing a Liberty residential lift will add value to any home and can be fitted quickly and easily.

Thanks to its small footprint, The Liberty does not require a large amount of space and as it is low maintenance, owners can benefit from its cost effectiveness.

The Liberty also features a geared roller chain suspension with a counterweight to ensure a smooth, comfortable, safe ride.

These residential lifts are available with a range of additional extras including a view panel in the timber doors, aluminium framed landing doors that are fitted with laminated safety glass, and powered door openers and closers.

Additionally, the lift car walls can be fully customised to suit existing decor with timber, laminates, and stainless steel.