For mature aged home owners, navigating the way safely up and down stairs can become a painful and sometimes frightening experience, which is why Master Lifts have released the Easy Rider stair lift.

Stiffening joints, old injuries, arthritis and reduced mobility are just some of the reasons why installing a stair lift in the home of a mature aged resident could be a viable option.

Geoff Macklin recently had Master Lifts install an Easy Rider stair lift to his front steps.

“We selected the Easy Rider for two reasons,” Geoff explained.

“The Easy Rider has this very narrow support rail which takes far less space on the stairs,” he added. 

“The other very important difference is the availability of the perch seat model which takes my weight but allows me to be almost standing. This is of great benefit to me as I have a lot of lower back pain from an old injury. When I have to sit down in a chair or stand up from a fully seated position, the pain can be excruciating. This perch seat gives me the support and removes the pain from climbing stairs,” concludes Geoff. 

Master Lifts also supply internal stair lifts, dumbwaiters, and residential lifts, as well as pool and spa lifts.