Master Lifts  offer a full range of vertical passenger lifts that can be installed in new homes or retro-fitted to existing homes. People looking for lifestyle convenience now and for the future are finding that a lift – or at least a dumbwaiter – is a must.

The Contessa 1000 lift series represent new and progressive lift design. Proven lift engineering technology that focuses on achieving high safety standards has been incorporated while maintaining smooth reliable performance.

The Contessa 1000 lift is the result of the joint effort of European designers and Master Lifts. Some key components of the drive system are imported from Europe. The remainder is assembled from quality materials sourced in Australia.

The Contessa 1000 lift is manufactured and supplied in its own hoistway - there is no need for a hoistway construction.

The Contessa 1000 lift has a range of optional automatic doors to make entry and exit quick and easy. The doors open as the lift arrives at the landing, or at the push of a button.