The Wai Ariki Hot Springs and Spa in Rotorua, New Zealand is an impressive showcase of INNOWOOD’s ability to bring out the best in a building whether indoors or outdoors.

Designed by RCG, the spa is located near the edge of Rotorua Lake and well positioned to welcome locals and tourists alike with its natural timber look. The selection of Innowood products, with their natural wood appearance, allows the Wai Ariki Hot Springs and Spa to be seamlessly integrated with nature.

Innowood cladding, ceiling, and screening

By utilising our various cladding, ceiling, and screening products in our Tasmanian Oak finishes, RCG was able to accomplish their goal of creating an aesthetically pleasing facade. This facade highlights an earthy feel and natural warmth, two very important elements for a spa establishment so in touch with their cultural roots.

INNOWOOD battens

The INNOWOOD battens serve as feature screens providing a subtle organic hint while serving as partial dividers. These are a great example of bringing the natural feel of the outdoors inside with a simple batten screen.

Another reason INNOWOOD was the perfect match for the Wai Ariki Hot Springs is its innate environmental resistance and easy maintenance. Rotorua is famous for its hot springs. These springs inherently increase both condensation and mineral accumulation on nearby surfaces, which can lead to staining. However, the condensation and staining from the mineral build-up on INNOWOOD products can be easily removed with no adverse effects.

Our Care and Maintenance Guide is a great tool for keeping your INNOWOOD products looking their best, and in case of special circumstances our team is happy to provide technical support.

Photographer: Jono Parker