An Innowood composite timber cladding product was specified for a private boathouse in Russell, Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

A new residential build located in a coastal environment, the recently completed boat shed features a stunning vertical orientation. 

The architect intended for the use of natural timber. However, given that natural timber would fail to withstand the harsh saltwater environment resulting from the ebb and flow of the tidal line, the solution was to source a sustainable, durable and aesthetically appealing composite timber alternative that could withstand marine intertidal zones and salt spray. 

Russell Boat Shed

Tested and proven as being suitable for the marine environment, INNOWOOD’s sustainably sourced and manufactured composite timber product, Innoclad cladding in Brushed Urban Oak finish was used to construct the Russell Boat Shed, meeting every requirement of the architectural brief.

The architect’s original desire to create the look of natural timber was achieved while the composite timber material ensured the structure would withstand the test of time, salt water and the weather, including the harsh reflective UV rays from the water.

This project demonstrated to the industry that INNOWOOD is capable of delivering the ideal solution and timber alternative, even in the most challenging environments.