InnoClad, an architectural composite timber cladding system from Innowood, was selected as one of the premium materials for the facade of a new house. The facade materials picked for the Parkdale House project presented a striking contrast to the chosen materials palette, resulting in an architecturally eye-catching feature finish that showcased a natural timber look and feel.

Designed by R architecture and built by Tidon Constructions, the house features a beautiful facade with the environmentally sustainable InnoClad perfectly integrated into the architectural design. InnoClad’s natural timber look sits comfortably in the natural gumtree setting of the house, both in the bright daylight as well as the illuminated dusk.

InnoClad’s secret fixed shiplap cladding system enhances the look and feel of any outdoor facade and internal lining. The composite timber cladding system is recommended for new builds as well as renovations, in both indoor and outdoor applications across residential and commercial projects.

InnoClad is prefinished with a natural timber look and feel, comes in a variety of colours and finishes, is a low maintenance cladding material with water and termite resistance, and is also lightweight, allowing easy installation.

Photographer: Dylan James Photo