Innowood Australia Pty Ltd unveiled a range of new composite timber products at the inaugural The Front event in Sydney last year. Held in July 2018, The Front was a high-end boutique event that saw participation from over 3000 commercial delegates in the construction industry such as architects, specifiers and designers.

Innowood’s revolutionary composite timber products such as Sol’Art Cilium louvre system, premium decking system, and Dukta Flexible wood were showcased at the event.

Sol’Art Cilium

Innowood’s Sol’Art Cilium, which combines Sol’Art InnoShade and InnoScreen products with the Renson Cilium folding louvre mechanism, is an electrical converging shutter wing design system. The folding louvre system can change from a completely screened wall or privacy screen to a horizontal sunshade in the open position above the window. This can be integrated to exterior walls with identical screening or as a separate element constructed in front of a window.

Premium fibre decking

The Innowood stall also featured premium fibre decking – a wood composite product that utilises a new patented technology for enhanced rigidity, durability and toughness. The decking board achieves better performance by significantly minimising board movement.

Dukta Flexible wood

Dukta Flexible wood is a highly versatile product favoured by architects and interior designers for its flexibility to create unique interior architectural designs with high acoustic elements. With its ability to achieve diverse creative design ideas for acoustically sensitive rooms, Dukta is recommended for recording studios, cinemas, concert halls, restaurants, foyers and teaching rooms among others. Innowood is Dukta’s exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand.