Innowood screens were installed at the Central Coast Grammar School, enhancing the natural appeal of the new buildings.

The school, which recently completed its development, consists of different functional facilities across three buildings. Surrounded by beautiful bushes and hills, the school now has nature built into its form through Innowood.

Innowood’s screens along the outdoor corridor of the classrooms add a neat, attractive and natural ambience to the buildings. 

Innowood is the chosen sustainable timber alternative for schools throughout Australia, and even the world, in cladding, screening and decking applications. The focus on outdoor spaces emphasises the importance of natural materials in wall cladding applications, making sustainable products a definitive trend in design specification.

Several studies have proven the positive impact of nature and natural products on cognitive functions, productivity and general wellbeing. Innowood products are highly preferred in modern developments to enhance the natural look and ambience of buildings. Not only does Innowood look natural, but it also is made from wood, making it a highly environment-friendly choice.

Innowood products visually balance the hard edginess of non-natural materials such as concrete, aluminium, steel and glass, helping achieve the desired design outcomes.