Innowood Australia Pty Ltd supplied and installed a wide range of facade products at the UNSW student accommodation on the Kensington campus.

Designed by multi-award winning architecture practice Architectus, and built by WATPAC Construction, the UNSW Student Housing project completed at the end of 2009 forms the basis of intramural student ‘households’ on the campus.

Innowood supplied a wide variety of façade elements including InnoScreen, InnoClad and InnoShade.

The building’s perimeter walls, insulated on their external faces are clad in a weatherproof skin, overlain with a thin layer of concrete polystyrene panels system or a sun-shading skin of Innowood reconstituted wood-base composite facade screen battens.

Innowood reconstituted wood-base composite facade screen battens are also used across balconies to form outdoor shaded, ventilated, almost translucent private spaces.

The Innowood facade screens give the sense of privacy and intimacy to the balcony spaces. A sun-shading and rain-screening layer of Innowood facade screen using reconstituted wood-base composite profiles protects the insulated thermal mass walls.