INNOWOOD Australia and Stanzwerk Reif have come together to offer the perfect decking solution to Australia, Premium Fibre Deck + Reif Duralink. Australia’s harsh and challenging environment demands the highest quality materials that will last and perform with minimal maintenance over traditional materials.

Premium Fibre Deck is the next generation composite timber decking material that utilises a patented technology that enhances the rigidity by significantly minimising the boards movement in length at different temperatures. The fibre that is moulded between the coextruded INNOWOOD materials provide the strength needed to control movement. This combined with the most realistic embossed textured surface achieves both the closest look and feel to natural timber whilst improving the decking surface performance in both wet and dry conditions.

Paired with the Germany’s most durable subframe structure system Reif Duralink, now the substructure will also stand the test of time. The next evolution of the traditional plastic pedestals, Reif Duralink is made from durable aluminium extrusion beams that are designed for strength with proprietary componentry. Componentry that makes installation a breeze by allowing fast adjustability of levels through a unique height adjustable pad feet system that will not damage or penetrate the surface it is installed on, making it the ideal solution for new or refurbished balconies, decks and rooftop spaces.

Premium Fibre Deck and Reif Duralink come together with the use of the Premium Fibre Deck concealed hidden connectors that tightly slot into the side groove of the board that are then directly fixed into the levelled Reif Duralink beams to lock in the decking and provide the perfect combination of realism, performance and durability from both the decking subframe structure and decking material. 

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