The Puhinui Station Interchange is designed to create a meeting point for the current and future rapid transit network in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Puhinui Station Interchange acts as an entry point to the city of Auckland. One of the key design objectives, according to the architects, Jasmax was to create a distinctive and quality passenger experience. The roof was designed to combine functionality and a key identity element described as “a distinctive feather-like form protecting the people who transit beneath it and forming a landmark for the local community”.

Innowood worked with Jasmax; their New Zealand partner, The Building Agency; builder Symonite Panels Limited; and Auckland Transport to bring this project to life.

Custom designed as per Jasmax’s creative vision, the CL30025 clip fixed ceiling/cladding system is quick and easy to install, achieving a clean, smooth and elegant finish.

Puhinui Station Interchange officially opened for services in July 2021.

Innowood Custom Design

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Photography credit: Mark Scowen