QuietDose dosimeters by Howard Leight from Sperian (now part of Honeywell) have won the prestigious 2011 Product Innovation Award at the RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety Awards Gala Dinner.  

Presented during the Safety and Health Expo 2011 by The British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF), the award recognises new and innovative products that contribute to improvements in workplace occupational safety and health.  

QuietDose by Howard Leight is a range of personal dosimeters designed to measure and record a worker’s actual in-ear exposure to noise over an entire work shift. QuietDose personalises hearing conservation by providing precise, real-time noise dose data, enabling workers as well as management to make smart and best-informed hearing protection decisions in the workplace.  

According to Ian Shepherd, National Product Sales Manager for Honeywell Safety Products in the UK, the company takes a more holistic approach to occupational hearing loss prevention and the award from the British safety industry recognises their pursuit of a more preventive approach towards hearing conservation in the workplace.  

The award-winning QuietDose takes the guesswork out of hearing conservation for sound protection in all noise environments.    

QuietDose uses innovative in-ear dosimetry integrated into earplugs and earmuffs to accurately measure every sound that reaches a worker’s eardrum with or without hearing protection unlike competing devices that only measure ambient noise.    

The QuietDose personal dosimeters inform employees and their managers in real time about their accumulated noise dose exposure over the length of a shift, ensuring employer compliance with hearing safety regulations.    

Safety managers will have access to personalised data so that they can create customised and effective Hearing Conservation Programs for each worker, helping arrest the progression of occupational hearing problems.