Sperian Protection introduces a new range of goggles designed to provide welding protection.  

Sperian Protection, now part of Honeywell is a world-leading specialist in personal protective equipment (PPE).  

The DuraMaxx goggle from Sperian features new shade 5 green welding lenses that provide excellent protection against welder’s flash and other eyesight hazards associated with welding operations.  

Eye trauma is one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide; eye injuries associated with welding in the workplace or at home can be prevented if workers are wearing appropriate eyewear protection.  

The DuraMaxx goggle utilises Dura-streme coating technology, combining the benefits of industrial anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings onto a single lens.  

The interior of the lens is kept clear from fogging, while the exterior is protected from scruffs and scratches, extending the life of the lens by up to three times.  

The DuraMaxx goggle also features an indirect ventilation system that channels and directs air flow to further minimise fogging and improve vision.  

The OTG-capable DuraMaxx goggles can be fitted over most prescription spectacles and half-mask respirators easily.  

Engineered with a lightweight and flexible elastomer body, the DuraMaxx goggle provides a comfortable contoured fit for different facial profiles. A pivoting headband is provided with the goggle for ease of use.  

Adjustable to fit both male and female wearers, the DuraMaxx goggle features a large panoramic field of vision.  

Key features of the DuraMaxx goggle: 

  • Superior lens technology
  • Long-wearing comfort
  • Adjustable neoprene strap that provides additional resistance to hot solids when welding
  • Excellent splash and impact protection
  • Easily replaceable lenses that can be removed without replacing the frame for added convenience
  • Shade 5 green welding lenses suitable for welding applications such as oxywelding, cutting and gas welding
  • Certified to AS/NZ 1337: 1992 Medium Impact