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    Glassworks Australia

    Glassworks' range of energy saving low-e glass with added Neat® easy-clean coating

    Providing world-leading glass solutions, Glassworks products combine the most sophisticated technology and machinery to produce superior performing glass solutions with Australian market demands and climate conditions top of mind.

    LoÉ-452, LoÉ3-366, LoÉ3-340 and LoE-i89 all come standard with Neat® technology, an easy-clean coating which harnesses the suns’ rays to loosen dirt so the rain can wash it away to prevent streaks and marks. This means they not only save money on the energy front, but also require far less window cleaning.

    LoÉ-452® - Australia's first quad silver coated low-E for unprecedented performance

    Suitable for commercial and high-end residential environments, LoĒ-452® is the next level of solar control balanced with clarity, boasting an unprecedented UV protection of 99%, an SHGC of 0.22 and a VLT of 52%. It also insulates in winter with a U-Value of 1.35 making it the ultimate solution for passive design.

    LoE3 -366® - A high performing triple silver low-E for all seasons

    LoÉ3-366 has served countless projects pursuing high energy ratings for its ability to balance solar control and high visibility for all seasons and climates making it ideal for commercial and residential windows. It offers 95% UV protection, an SHGC of 0.27 and a VLT of 63%.

    LoE-i89® - a superior low-e which can be single or double glazed

    LoE-i89® is a single glazed low-e product that reflects escaping heat back into the room, making it the ideal glass solution all year round, especially during the colder months.

    LoE–i89 can be glazed monolithic or combined with a high performing hard coat on surface 4 of an IGU for ultimate performance. 

    Combined with our LoE³-366 in an IGU, it delivers a U-Value of just 1.1 and a SHGC of just 0.27
    LoE-i89 not only out performs other clear low-e products, but offers a clearer surface without the haze the other clear low-e products simply can’t avoid, and is the only monolithic product that offers energy insulation and easy-clean technology.

    LoE3-340® - the ultimate solar control triple silver low-E glass

    Suitable for commercial facades looking for a solar solution without overhangs or blinds, LoĒ³-340® low-e glass produces a SHGC figure of 0.18, the lowest of any stocked glass in Australia and is perfect for commercial buildings seeking green ratings
    With an SHGC that rivals a dark tint, LoĒ³-340® spectacularly achieves a Visible Light Transmission (VLT) figure of 38%; well within the desired range of 30-40% for commercial projects.

    No screens or overhangs necessary no matter the climate or elevation means complete design freedom.

    LoE3-340 can even assist buildings with western elevations achieve energy ratings without the need for blinds screens or overhangs for more architectural freedom and reduced costs. And the external reflectivity of only 11% makes it highly beneficial for obtaining building permits.

    Optitherm® - an ultra-clear and insulating hard coat low-e glass.

    Ideal for residential windows, Optitherm is a clear Low-E glass product that has exceptionally high clarity and insulation properties. It is offered double glazed (in an IGU) and achieves an exceptional VLT of 78% whilst maintaining a low SHGC of 0.63 and a U-Value of 1.38.

    Optitherm is designed to allow the natural light and sun enter whilst providing natural insulation

    Providing year-round natural insulation and maximising natural light has an immense positive effect on occupants due to far less reliance on artificial light and cooling/heating, not to mention the associated energy savings and environmental benefits.


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