Glass technology is certainly keeping up with and even surpassing market demand for performance and insulation properties. Glassworks collaborates with the leaders worldwide to ensure technological advancements in glass reach the Australian market almost as soon as they are incepted.

The latest collaboration with glass leaders, Pilkington, to bring the new Pilkington Opitherm exclusively to the Australian market is no exception. Pilkington Opitherm represents yet another superior low-emissivity (Low-E) glass variant to join Glassworks’ growing range of Performance Glass solutions.

Ideal for residential windows, Opitherm is a clear Low-E product that has exceptionally high clarity and insulation properties. Like Glassworks’ tested and proven LoE-i89® Clear glass, it too is designed to allow the natural light and sun to enter the building whilst providing natural insulation which has positive effects on occupants of the building as there is far less reliance on artificial light and cooling/heating. Not to mention the associated energy savings and environmental benefits. 

As always though, the proof is in the figures. Opitherm is offered double glazed (in an IGU) and achieves an exceptional Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of 82%, that is, the percentage of natural light entering the room. Although this doesn’t mean the beating summer sun will heat up the room, as it also achieves a low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.63, that is, the thermal stopping power of the sun’s radiation, and a U-Value of 1.38, meaning it is able to block the heat being transferred through the glass.  To put this into perspective, a typical Low-E glass produces a VLT of 72% and U-Value of 1.6, both considered “good” but nowhere near as good as Opitherm.

But what about the colder months? A true all-rounder, its high clarity allows the winter sun to enter the room for enhanced comfort of occupants.

Opitherm joins Glassworks’ Low-E glass range of LoE-366® which features a pioneering triple interlayer for unrivalled thermal insulation all year round, LoE-340® which achieves an exceptional SHGC of 0.18 with a more than industry sufficient VLT of 38%. Also taking the residential window market by storm Is LoE-i89®, a high clarity option ideal for colder months which can be left single glazed for a cost-effective solution or double gazed for advanced performance.

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