Celebrated for its aesthetic appeal and ability to provide a connection to the outdoors, glass is among the most prominent materials in modern residential architecture, yet one that tends to be overlooked. With the 2022 update of the National Construction Code (NCC) stipulating new requirements that increase thermal performance requirements for homes from the current 6 stars NatHERS equivalent to 7 stars, the importance of glass in building design has come to the forefront.

Raising the Bar: Glazing Performance for Residential Buildings Under the National Construction Code Energy Reforms addresses the role of glazing in passive temperature control and lighting and highlights how some advanced low-E coated Insulating Glass Units (IGUs) are already leaps and bounds ahead of the new NCC requirements. First, we discuss passive design principles and consider the performance factors that impact window system design. We then take a closer look at how a 7 star NatHERS rated home can be achieved through substantially improved glazing performance.

Glassworks is an Australian-owned glass processing operation that utilises the best technology and machinery from around the world to provide innovative, customised glass solutions to the Asia Pacific region with over 90% of all materials sourced locally. Glassworks has been pushing performance glazing long before it became a requirement, with a portfolio of low-E glass and IGUs that cover all possible Australian climates and performance levels ahead of the NCC changes.


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