Glassworks Australia has you covered with a low-E glass type for all building requirements, budgets and climates. Discover which low-E best suits your next project.

LoE³-366: The all-round highest performing low-e

The highest performing energy-saving glass on the Australian market, LoE³-366 delivers the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility, and is ideal for commercial and residential windows.

LoE³-366 is manufactured with a triple layer of silver that supersedes ordinary low-e glass. LoE³-366 is available on clear or grey glass; achieves a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.17; and attains a U-Value of 1.36 in an argon Insulated Glass Unit (IGU).

LoE³-366 from Glassworks has the unique ability to reject solar heat without compromising visibility, unlike tinted glass. Key benefits also include cool and comfortable interiors in summer, exceptional fading protection, ability to block 95% of UV rays; and optimum clarity and visibility.

The insulating effect of windows has a direct impact on the temperature inside the room. LoE³-366 produces near constant surface temperatures, helping buildings keep warm during the coldest months and cool in the warmest months.

When combined with SolarAdapt Solar Responsive Thermochromic technology, LoE³-366 is the most energy efficient glass on the Australian market with a variable Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) of 54-11% and an SHGC of 0.32-0.13 depending on the intensity of the sun.

LoE-i89: A superior low-e, which can be single or double glazed

LoE-i89 is an Indium Tin Oxide low-e coated glass that reflects escaping heat back into the room, making it the ideal window solution all year round, especially during the colder months.

LoE-i89 can be glazed monolithic or combined with a high performing hard coat on surface 4 of an IGU for ultimate performance. Combined with Glassworks’ LoE³-366 in an IGU, it delivers an unprecedented U-Value of just 1.1 and an SHGC of just 0.27.

Additionally, LoE-i89 meets the most stringent energy standards, provides the highest light transmission possible, offers a clear surface without any haze, and is the only monolithic product boasting insulation plus easy-clean technology.

LoE³-340: The most energy efficient glass facades without blinds or overhangs

LoE³-340 low-e glass produces an SHGC figure of 0.18, the lowest of any stocked glass in Australia and is perfect for commercial buildings seeking green ratings.

LoE³-340 blocks the sun but not the light. Unlike others that compromise visibility, LoE³-340 achieves a VLT figure of 38%, well within the desired range of 30-40% for commercial projects. The use of this glass type from Glassworks eliminates the need for screens or overhangs regardless of the climate or elevation, enabling complete design freedom.

With LoE³-340, even buildings with western elevations can achieve energy ratings without the need for blinds, screens or overhangs, allowing for more architectural freedom and reduced costs. The external reflectivity of only 11% makes it highly beneficial for obtaining building permits.

Optitherm: An ultra-clear and insulating hard coat low-e glass

Ideal for residential windows, Optitherm is a clear low-e glass product featuring exceptionally high clarity and insulation properties. It is offered double glazed (in an IGU) and achieves an exceptional VLT of 78% whilst maintaining a low SHGC of 0.63 and a U-Value of 1.38.

Designed to maximise the entry of natural light and sun into the building, Optitherm offers year-round natural insulation, positively impacting building occupants due to the reduced reliance on artificial lighting and cooling/heating. The facility additionally gains from the associated energy savings and environmental benefits.