Given the clear benefits of multi-layered glazing, it may surprise many of us that many Australian buildings still feature single-glazed windows. While single glazing can be found in older structures in the United States and Europe, almost all modern, energy-efficient structures have double or triple glazing units. With the rising cost of energy and increasingly stringent energy efficient standards coming into effect in Australia, the time to upgrade your window and glazing system is now.

Modernise the Home: Key Reasons to Upgrade Your Window and Glazing Systems discusses the key reasons why architects and builders need to do away with single glazing and propose only higher performing solutions. First, we discuss the impact of recent changes to energy efficiency rules for new builds and renovations. We then consider the security and safety considerations when specifying windows and doors. Finally, we look at opportunities to update your home’s aesthetics using modern window and glazing systems.

Glassworks is an Australian-owned glass processing operation that utilises the best technology and machinery from around the world to provide innovative, customised glass solutions to the Asia Pacific region with over 90% of all materials sourced locally. Committed to innovation in design and glass that contributes to a buildings’ overall sustainability performance, the company’s main areas of focus are performance driven glass and decorative glass with processing capabilities such as laminating, toughening and customisation.


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