Pool pumps can be noisy. As well as annoying neighbours, pool pump noise makes it harder to enjoy your pool.  NSW residents can upgrade their pool pump to quieter models like the Davey Silensor or the Davey Powermaster and receive a rebate of $150. 

Epools offers Davey Silensor and Davey Powermaster pumps as part of their energy efficient and quiet noise range. Energy Australia are offering up to a $150 rebate on these pool pumps plus other major pump brands.

The Davey Silensor operates at super-quiet levels and moves water more efficiently than most standard pumps. This low noise level can allow operation of the pumps late at night when energy costs are much lower. The Davey Power Master range is specifically designed to circulate swimming pool water for filtration and solar heating applications.

This money saving rebate is for pool pumps bought and installed between 1st Dec 2007 to 30th June 2008. Other terms apply. Further details of their offer can be found on Epools website.  

Pool pumps can draw more electricity than some home appliances. The energy efficiency of the pump is important. As they are running for most of the day, finding effective ways to use your pump can save cost and energy waste.  

Davey pool pumps feature highly efficient hydraulic design, ensuring economical running and low noise levels. High performance mechanical seals and stainless steel components ensure long life in the most demanding environments.

Epools is a division of a major pool shop on the East Coast of Australia. Full manufacturers warranty’s and expert advice are all part of their standard service.