Pool Cartridge filters help to keep pool water sparkling clean. These types of pool filters use a cylinder or cartridge of pleated filtration material which effectively sieves out all dirt and oil.

Like any pool filtration system, regular removal and cleaning with a hose or jet of water can prolong the life of the filter cartridge. Eventually, this internal cartridge will block up putting unwanted pressure on the pump and filtration system. 

Epools keeps an extensive range of replacement pool and spa filter cartridges in stock. Davey, Waterco, Hayward, Poolrite, Waterco and Stroud are a few of the brands they carry.

A quick check of the length and diameter of the filter cartridge a person is trying to replace is useful. From just a few basic measurements and some details about the filter, Epools can usually work out which part a person needs.

Epools stock non genuine and original quality replacement filter cartridges. Generic parts can often cost up to 50% less than original parts and offer similar quality. Epools is on-line pool supplies store offering discounted pool equipment.