Aquachlor Salt Chlorinator gives you a clear sparkling swimming pool and there is no need for chlorine.

You can change to a salt water chlorinator and enjoy a chlorine free pool. Salt water is fast becoming a common method to chlorinate pools. The Aquachlor Salt Chlorinator is manufactured by Monarch.

With chlorine costs ever increasing many pool owners are installing salt chlorinators.

When you own a salt chlorinator you are producing your own chlorine to sanitise your pool. Salt chlorinators use electrolysis to convert salt into liquid chlorine. The amount of salt needed to effectively chlorinate a pool is only about one fifth of seawater salt levels.

The Aquachlor chlorinator has many of the features found in the Chloromatic brand. Economical and simple to operate, you can also save time with self cleaning, low salt indicator and timer features.

The C330SC self cleaning model delivers 24gm per hour of chlorine. Long life electrodes, heavy duty salt cell, power supply all ensure many years of trouble free service.

Epools  supplies the Aquachlor Salt Chlorinator on the power box.

Most homeowners install salt chlorinators to improve the water quality and to increase swimmer comfort.Epools offers self cleaning and standard Aquachlor chlorinators plus the full Chloromatic chlorinator range.