The salt cell or electrode is the main component in the chlorinator. Coated in precious metals the cell electrolytically converts salt in the pool water to chlorine.

This process of electrolysis will eventually wear away the delicate coating on the salt cell, reducing its ability to produce chlorine.

Once the electrodes wear out, chlorine imbalances can occur and a new cell is needed. Over time, scale can also build up on these delicate components. Mineral content is present in all water and scale build up leads to less chlorine production.

Testing pool water salt levels and keeping the water in balance will prolong the life of salt cell. Buying a replacement salt cell is the big maintenance cost for the salt chlorinator. With so many different brands of salt chlorinator on the market, finding the right salt cell can be time consuming.

For easy cross reference, Epools’ website lists over 200 different brands of salt cell, each with a photo and dimensions. Made from high grade components, all replacements cells have quick release terminals for easy removal. Epools will have a replacement salt cell for all Chlorinator brands including Clearwater, Chloromatic and Saltmate.