One of Australia’s leading manufacturers and distributors of emergency decontamination technology is donating internationally proven eye protection solutions to prevent further injuries to people coping with the Victorian bushfires. 

Enware Australia have given Tobin saline solution to St John Ambulance Australia, Victoria, branch to aid firefighters and field staff helping with bush fire relief and who may be exposed to irritants in the eye, some of which can cause serious damage within 1 to 5 seconds.

Paul Degnan, Managing Director, Enware Australia, said that the supplies, including toiletries, are delivered directly to victims through a member of the company’s Victorian team whose own home was threatened by bushfire coming within 200 metres.

The Tobin saline solution – of which one hundred and fifty 200ml bottles were sent to Victoria - has been proven in aggressive industrial environments to provide first response to injury where washing that begins within a few seconds can be decisive in minimising eye damage.

Tobin Saline Solution is also useful for flushing embers and dust particles from the eyes.