Enware products were endorsed by the architect for installation in the science labs at Emmanuel College.

Emmanuel College recently embarked on the refurbishment of four existing science labs and the creation of two new labs. Science labs require specialised understanding when creating a learning space including how to safely store chemicals, the design setup of the classroom, and the products chosen to properly fulfil student requirements.

Products such as Bunsen burners, laboratory sinks, hand wash stations, emergency showers and toilets must all meet the specific requirements stated in the brief provided by the architects.

The new science rooms at Emmanuel College were designed to experiment with colour and geometric patterns to create a fun and inspiring learning experience for the students.


When selecting products for state-of-the-art facilities such as this, Matt Cirillo of Cirillo Architects highly endorses the use of Enware products. The quality of the products is paramount based on their durability and ease of maintenance. “I always tell clients you get what you pay for,” Cirillo said. 

Keeping in mind the high traffic and demanding environment of these labs, designs must be easy to use and practical for students to be inspired and to develop an interest in science.

As a market-leading supplier to the education industry, Enware offers products that are designed to spark the interest of young minds through school science lab equipment.

The school terms rotate quickly, and science labs are a vital part of school ecosystems; therefore, it was important to get this project completed to the highest quality in a short turnaround time.

BWT Plumbing director Brad Turner, who was assigned the project, said that the ease of installation was one of the advantages he found while completing the project. The disabled toilets were quick to install because the Enware model “already has the built-in backrest on the toilet so it’s ready to go, all you need to do is bolt it to the floor,” he noted.

The convenience of easy installation and detail of customer service are major reasons to choose Enware products.

“If I had the choice, I would choose Enware branded products over any other. I’ve been plumbing for over 15 years and never had an issue with Enware products,” Turner added.

The Enware team is backed by technical support and excellent service. Plumbers on site who may have questions can contact customer service for solutions or can scope the highly user-friendly website as an access point for enquiries for projects relating to the education sector.