The new Safira single lever mixer range from Enware Australia provides better control, comfort and convenience to users, with the design inspired by actual feedback from people impacted by various dexterity challenges.

Thanks to this inspired design thinking, Enware-Oras has included a new feature in the mixer’s handle that allows the thumb to comfortably rest on top with the user’s hand underneath to assist with controlling movement and adjusting the handle to the right position.

Combining contemporary style and quality engineering, Safira mixers are built for the rigours of daily use and diversity of user groups across many industries.

Safira Wall Mixers

Safira shower mixer

Featuring a solid metal handle, 90mm wall plate and 48mm in-wall depth mixer, Safira wall mixers are designed for the rigours of daily use, have an ergonomic design for comfort and ease of use with enhanced control, and come ready to install complete with wall and body seal including screw fixing points for an easier and more secure installation of the shower body.

Safira Sink Mixers

Safira Sink Mixer

Safira sink mixers feature an ergonomic design with an easy-to-reach handle that’s designed for comfort and ease of use, have a 120-degree swivel to set a large sweeping motion or contain the swivel range to 40-80 degrees to minimise spills and splashes, and are installed into benchtops up to 40mm thick with a reinforcement plate included in the package.

Safira Basin Mixers

Safira Basin Mixer

Key features of Safira basin mixers include a solid metal handle designed for the rigours of daily use, ergonomic design for comfort and ease of use with enhanced control, angled spout helping avoid direct flow of water to the basin waste and minimising contaminated water splash-back, and higher set spout offering generous clearance from spout to basin. The user can comfortably fit hands under the spout for thorough handwashing, and the height is suitable across a range of basin specifications.

Oras 3S Fixing System

Oras 3S Fixing System

The Oras 3S fixing system is an easy and efficient fixing system enabling simple installation of the mixers. Simply slide up the fixing nut into position and tighten, saving time and cost. High quality SOFTPEX supply hoses are also provided.