Enware Australia gives a massive boost to the sustainability campaign with their new Blueline bubbler and bottle filler range helping people stay hydrated while promoting reusability of drink bottles.

Drinking water is important for optimal physical and mental activity. Introduced as part of Enware’s ongoing design and development of products that ‘Deliver Water That Works For Life’, the new Blueline bubbler and bottle filler range contributes to the sustainability cause within the community as well as in the built environment comprising of schools, colleges, universities and public spaces.

By enabling people to take a drink of water or fill a reusable drink bottle while they are out and about, Enware’s Blueline range is helping to reduce plastic bottle waste.

Key features of Enware’s Blueline bubblers include a bright blue soft rubber mouthpiece with UV and bacteria resistant properties to protect teeth and increase product life; gentle, tactile and high contrast lever with easy to interpret function in Braille and written word; simple operation for drinking, and filling bottles; tough construction to endure the high wear and weather demands of outdoor environments; and choice of six models.

Maintaining peak levels of reliability and performance, Blueline offers design flexibility with a choice of six different models to suit trough, post or freestanding applications as well as bubbler only or bubbler/ bottle filler combination.

Enware products are made to last as well as designed to conserve water and reduce ongoing maintenance following key whole of life cost principles.