Now available from Enware Australia , the Pressalit Care Indivo system allows the height of wall cupboards and bench tops to be easily adjusted, enabling users to work at an appropriate ergonomic height for them, whether they are sitting or standing.

Designed to meet everyone's needs while still being functional and stylish, the frame design on these height adjustable workstations and wall cabinets conceals the lifts, meaning virtually any bench finish can be added and existing or new features to be matched.

These height adjustable workstations and wall cabinets are ideal for kitchens, workstations and eductaional facilities, such as science labs, where individual needs have to be catered for.

Key features and benefits of the Indivo system include:

  • accommodation of most standard design components
  • easy incorporation into new facilities or existing
  • simplistic front mounted bench top user control switches
  • wall cabinets can move in tandem with bench tops 
  • sensitive safety mechanism option to prevent contact with users or other items.