The Aquablend 2000 TMV from Enware Australia can now be upgraded with a simple cartridge swap-out, helping to enhance the technology and also extend its life.

All existing pre-2009 models of Aquablend 2000 thermostatic mixing valves (TMV) can be upgraded using the cartridge with thermal flush technology, representing a major step forward in legionella control.

Thermal flush technology allows for efficient thermal flushing without having to recommission the valve. Once the upgrade cartridge is installed, a controlled hot water flush is allowed to pass through the TMV for maintenance and decontamination, saving time and money.

Facilities can also save on annual servicing costs since O-ring changes are not required. The Australian made Aquablend 2000 will function normally when the thermal flush is not engaged.

The Aquablend 2000 upgrade cartridge features Watermark Certification to AS4032.1 and NSW Health Approval.