Several solutions from Enware Australia were specified during the $96 million upgrade of the Modbury Hospital in Modbury, South Australia.

Designed by Silver Thomas Hanley, the upgrade works commenced in early 2019, and included a redevelopment of the surgical floor, an extension to the Emergency Care Unit, a new purpose-built 20-bed Palliative Care Unit and a four-bed High Dependency Unit. This would later be extended to include an extra ward and a refurbishment of the front façade and foyer.

Enware solutions

In addition to the eSQX touch free wall mixers with controlled temperature heated water, Enware’s suite of solutions included the revolutionary all-in-one Health Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV), which was specifically designed to reduce water stagnation and improve infectious disease control for the Health and Aged Care sectors.​

Elaborating on the benefits of Enware’s Health TMV, Aurecon’s lead hydraulic engineer, Karl Krenn said, “It means less plumbing in the wall. Overall, it’s cheaper. And the architect’s a little bit happier because they don’t have another wall box, which they have to cater for on the wall. It just makes for a cleaner, cheaper installation.” 

This ultimately also means the unit is easier and less expensive to service, which is a win for the client as well.​

After 20 years, Krenn expands on why he continues to partner with Enware: “They’ve always listened and stand out from others in the industry for their capabilities.”​

Another challenge during the project was using chrome fixtures in the hospital’s laser room, which would cause the lasers to bounce off the reflective surface. Enware’s Research and Development team proposed a very simple and effective solution – fixtures with a black matte finish that could absorb the lasers. Within just a few weeks, the matte black samples were delivered to the hospital and approved by senior management.