In any environment, toilets are a long-term investment. This decision carries even more weight in large-scale applications such as hospitals, hotels and offices where a poor choice will have a lasting impact.

While the modern and minimalist look of Enware’s Rimless toilet – achieved by its use of clean, uninterrupted lines – offers an aesthetic appeal, the advantages of choosing Enware’s wall-faced, rimless and close-coupled toilet suites run much deeper.

Rimless toilets ensure efficiency in cleaning and maintenance, not only guaranteeing that hygiene standards are maintained at a high level, but also saving time in high-traffic environments. If staff in institutions such as hospitals can ensure effective cleaning is completed quicker, more time and resources can be spent on other important tasks.

As well as saving time, Enware’s toilets also conserve another important asset: water. Research conducted by the Australian Government’s Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme states that ‘replacing a traditional single-flush toilet with a water-efficient, dual-flush toilet saves about 51 litres per person per day’.[1] The Enware Rimless Suite offers 4.5 / 3 litre dual flush – using Geberit flushing technology – and was rated an impressive 4 out of 6 stars by the WELS scheme for water efficiency which is compulsory for all lavatory and urinal equipment in Australia.[2]

The conservation of water has obvious benefits for the client’s pocket, but in countries like Australia – where drought has a continued impact – saving water is vital for the wellbeing of the wider community. In the past, other countries suffering from extended dry spells such as the United States – in California, more specifically – have looked to Australia for inspiration in its water-saving measures.[3] Enware’s Rimless toilets ensure that Australia continues to lead by example in this area.

The long-term nature of investing in sanitary ware means that versatility can add huge value. Enware’s Rimless toilet is available in 2 heights – standard and raised height – that increase its suitability for diverse environments. Taller toilets make use easier for elderly and taller people, as well as people with reduced mobility.[4] Enware’s Rimless toilet is a worthwhile, lasting investment that combines a timeless aesthetic to ensure its relevance for years to come.

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