Enware Australia offers a specialised range of toileting solutions tailored to the unique needs of children learning to use a toilet as well as adults with dependencies.

Facilities such as public amenities, aged care centres and hospitals, or preschool and childcare centres requiring accessible solutions for children, can now choose from Enware’s uniquely tailored range of toilets selected from world-leading European brands and designed specifically for the ergonomic, safety and hygiene needs of the user without compromising style or functionality.

IFO’s Junior Toilet

Created specifically for young children still learning how to use an adult-sized toilet, Enware’s child-friendly freestanding Junior Toilet from IFO features an easy-to-clean design with a fully glazed back and inside rims to minimise bacterial growth; a low rim height to allow little legs to easily reach the dedicated toilet seat; and the cistern bolted onto the pan to provide enhanced back support and balance control during use.

Featuring a 4 Star WELS rating and 4.5/3L dual flush, Enware’s Junior Toilet also meets the accessibility requirements of AS1428.3 for ambulant children aged 3-6½ years.

IFO’s CARE600 freestanding toilet

Designed for adult users with mobility problems, Enware’s CARE600 freestanding toilet with support arms provides the enhanced support they need for independence and confidence. Also an IFO product, CARE600 is a freestanding toilet featuring a seat, raised flush button and support arms.

The CARE600 toilet’s support arms have an easy-to-grasp handle for enhanced user stability and are load tested to 150kg. The removable and retrofittable support arms can be individually raised or lowered allowing space for wheelchairs, commodes and carers.

Key features of the CARE600 freestanding toilet include large footprint combined with a raised height (460mm) facilitating easier sitting, standing or transfer movements; close coupled cistern doubling as an assisted backrest, eliminating the need for a separate backrest installation; and classified deemed-to-satisfy as an accessible toilet solution for AS1428 requirements, providing 100% consistency and reliability.

More than 2000 CARE600 freestanding toilets are already installed throughout Australia.