A unique urinal flushing system developed by Enware has been successfully installed throughout the Adelaide Oval.

Enware’s centrally controlled urinal flushing system is a centralised software system that individually manages each bathroom and controls the flushing based on demand to minimise water consumption and maintain a fresh bathroom environment.

The urinal flushing system allows the flush in each bathroom to be adjusted individually to meet varying demand levels. For instance, the Adelaide Oval can draw up to 50,000 people during Test Matches to almost no one for days afterwards.

Designed and created by Enware’s Smartflow Team, the urinal flushing system is intelligent and adaptable, and supplies an optimised and resourceful performance for each of the 559 urinals within the Adelaide Oval Precinct.

The software also provides facility managers with usage information, based on which reports can be created to better understand and manage the facilities.

The project was completed April 2014 and has been submitted for nomination in the Architecture & Design 2015 Sustainability Awards.