Enware Australia introduces the latest range of barrier-free, wall-mounted drinking fountains designed to provide ease of access for people with disabilities.

Featuring an elegant design with a contemporary sculpted appearance along with durable functionality thanks to the vandal-resistant construction, Enware’s stainless steel drinking fountains accommodate both wheelchair and pedestrian access, especially in high use areas such as shopping centres, restaurants, clubs, schools, transport terminals, tourism facilities and municipal and various general public areas.

Enware’s barrier-free drinking fountains project from the wall at convenient heights, allowing a wheelchair to be positioned beneath. An easily accessible front push button operation constructed from chrome-plated brass simplifies operation.

The fountains ease the difficulty of facilities that are either too high for some people to use, or cannot be accessed from a wheelchair. Being custom-designed for disability applications, they also assist architects, builders and facility managers to comply with community initiatives to improve the lifestyle and opportunities for people with some form of disability.

Enware Product Manager Tim Knowles explains that while toilets tailored to the needs of people with disability are in more widespread use, drinking fountains are less often considered, but every bit as important. The barrier-free drinking fountain range spans different heights, styles and chiller options to suit a diverse range of customer needs.

Enware’s wall-mounted drinking fountain options

The CDF300D barrier free wall mounted drinking fountain is a sophisticated stainless steel model featuring a stylish sculpted round bowl. The bubbler and its convenient front push button are made from polished chrome-plated brass.

The CDF300DC barrier free wall mounted drinking fountain is a variation on the CDF300D and includes a chiller providing up to 30L an hour of mains pressure chilled water.

The CDF320DC deluxe accessible wall mounted split height drinking fountain with front push button operation comes with a chiller and split height bubblers for situations where users are likely to be drinking from different heights.

The CDF330D barrier free wall mounted drinking fountain is a streamlined and economical unit with satin finish stainless steel.

To enhance their durability and visual appeal, all barrier free drinking fountains come with a vandal resistant bottom plate, a special mounting plate, a satin finish waste strainer, a polished chrome-plated brass bubbler and push button, and brushed finish 18 gauge type stainless steel construction.

The Gold Coast Light Rail network has installed an Enware barrier-free drinking fountain at every station, and they have all been functioning without any problems or issues since installation.

Enware supplies an extensive range of adaptable work and living solutions designed to maximise the independence, dignity, safety and comfort of people with disabilities.