Federal government representatives visiting Enware Australia were able to experience first-hand, the positive impact of several government initiatives designed to help Australian businesses.

The head of Australian Government Department of Industry, Ms Glenys Beauchamp and AusIndustry’s NSW State Manager, Mr Aapo Skorulis recently visited Enware Australia and saw how the Australian manufacturing company was thriving and investing in its future through research and development.

Observing that businesses such as Enware are important to Australia’s prosperity, Mr Skorulis said it was fantastic to see how initiatives from the Australian Government have created an environment to help the business grow and prosper in parallel with its own efforts. On a personal level, he found it very rewarding to meet Enware staff and learn about their high-quality tapware and the business itself.

Headquartered at Caringbah, Enware celebrated its 75th anniversary last year, while expanding its local manufacturing capabilities and extending its reputation for quality and innovation in demanding specialist markets including tapware, safety and emergency response, disability and aged care, environment and health. Enware has more than trebled its workforce in a decade, which now stands at 190 people.

Enware has been assisted by the Australian Government through programmes such as the R&D Tax Incentive, which provides a generous tax offset for research and development. The company was also awarded a grant to help it invest in energy efficient lighting upgrades.

Enware has also received business support from expert business advisers funded by the Australian Government, allowing the company to prosper and invest in their future with strong research connections.

Enware’s Managing Director Mr Adam Degnan observes that Enware remains committed to keeping its core manufacturing skills and technology in Australia unlike many companies in the industry that have moved offshore for lower costs.

According to Mr Degnan, Government assistance and support allows the company to keep manufacturing in Australia and continue investing in research and development for the future.

Mr Degnan adds that Enware’s 75-year history and the strong reputation of their core products for schools and hospitals have stood them in good stead.

With a strong network throughout Australia and New Zealand and established offices in Singapore, Enware exports to South East Asia, and also operates a base in Dubai to serve rapidly growing markets in India and the Middle East.

The Department of Industry’s single business service, delivered by AusIndustry, is making it easier for businesses to access information and assistance. Businesses can access the service online through business.gov.au, contact on the phone or arrange for a more in-depth face-to-face discussion to get the support they need in the way that suits them best.