Enmatic urinal flushing systems from Enware Australia have been designed to minimise excessive water use while reducing maintenance and maximising hygiene of heavily trafficked toilet areas.  

The latest models in this Australian-designed and manufactured series of urinal flushing systems feature automatic hands-free and touch button activation options. These are suitable for a range of commercial, industrial and institutional applications including washrooms, medical facilities, food service areas, shopping centres and schools.

Actuation options include infrared sensor, concealed microwave sensor and Piezo touch button. 

The urinal flushing systems are made water efficient by the single and twin-eye infrared systems. They deliver WELS Water Ratings of four and five star standard, using a 1.5 and 1 litre flush respectively. Other models are available in 2 or 2.5 litres a flush to suit specific urinal needs.

All models have been designed to achieve optimum water efficiency by having water delivered only as required after use, or on an economical programmed basis, rather than regular flushing occurring irrespective of use. This smart demand flushing system also helps reduce odour and excessive water use.

“Enmatic ranges are a durable and quality engineered response to global concerns about water saving and health issues,” says Enware Australia Pty Ltd Managing Director Paul Degnan. 

Enmatic water efficient urinal flushing systems are part of a comprehensive range of water saving and hygiene improving tapware and technology, including Enmatic WC flushing systems, Aquablend thermostatic mixing valves, electronic wall tapware, sensor-activated tapware and touch-activated time-flow tapware, including the latest  Enmatic 5000 series electronic wall tapware.