The growth of harmful bacteria in aged care and healthcare facilities puts the safety and wellbeing of both patients and staff at risk. Only continuous monitoring and control of bacterial growth within these facilities can help minimise this risk; however, it remains a complex issue for the management.

Apart from the necessary safety measures, a detailed Water Quality Risk Management (WQRM) plan is crucial for these high risk environments.

Water health is a challenging issue. The key environmental conditions that encourage the growth and spread of legionella include the inorganic and organic content of the water; the presence of biofilm – sticky microorganisms that adhere to surfaces; and stagnant water caused by dead legs.

Legionella can multiply at temperatures from 20°C to 70°C. Warm stagnant water at a temperature of around 35°C provides the optimum condition for legionella to thrive. Patients with an already compromised health or those with underlying medical conditions are particularly at risk of being affected by Legionnaire’s disease.

Aquablend Health TMV

Aquablend by Enware Australia is a range of high-performance thermostatic mixing valves delivering the assurance of quality, safety and health in public and private healthcare facilities. The new Aquablend Health TMV – the latest in a series of smarter, healthier and safer ensuite bathroom solutions from Enware – can simply be installed in the shower behind the shower mixer. Being installed so close to a bacteria risk point such as the shower means shorter pipework between the TMV and the shower, thereby, minimising the potential to hold unhealthy stagnant water.

The short, direct pipework means that the pipe is more frequently replenished with fresh water; quicker, easier flushing and thermal scouring using the thermal flush function is enabled; less surface area is available for biofilm to develop; there’s reduction in bacteria; and there’s no risk of a cold shower as the water get mixed at the point of use in the shower.

Thanks to its incredibly compact size and the integrated shower mixer, the new TMV can be installed at the point of use and at a good point of service.

Key advantages of the Aquablend Health TMV also include a more aesthetically pleasing design; direct point of service if thermal flushing is required to sanitise stagnant water and scour biofilms; and easy tool access to front-facing service components for adjusting the temperature mixture, performing thermal flushing without recommissioning (saving time and money), maintaining strainers and check valves, and accessing all test ports, servicing parts, inlets, outlets and mounting hardware.

A handy 4-way bypass mixer supplies the shower, toilet, ensuite basin and clinical basin.

Aquablend Health TMV is also compatible with Smart Flow software, enabling informed risk management and performance analysis of the water delivery system.

The Smart Flow software will show real-time readings and records information history, such as water temperatures over time, areas at risk of water stagnation, flow or lack-of-flow and water usage, and alert notifications. The software also meets Water Quality Risk Management (WQRM) plan requirements. 

Aquablend Health TMV