The Aquablend Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV) from Enware Australia address the safety issues associated with the use of hot water in healthcare, aged care, education and other high risk environments.

In the absence of temperature controlled heated water, these environments can expose users to scalding and burn injuries; for instance, water at 60°C can cause third degree burns within one second.

Enware’s Australian made Aquablend thermostatic mixing valves are designed to deliver controlled-temperature warm water even under changing temperature and pressure conditions as well as at ambient start up when scald protection is most needed.

A new thermal flush feature in the Aquablend 1500 TMVs provides simple decontamination of the valve and associated downstream pipework, helping control legionella and bacteria threats in healthcare applications. Enware’s thermal flush feature is also available as a retrofit for other Aquablend TMVs.

Enware Aquablend thermostatic mixing valves are available in a choice of several different models and a wide range of configurations including lockable cabinets with prefabricated pipework, and enabled for Enware Smartflow TMV Monitoring Systems.

The Enware Aquablend comes with a 5-year warranty, ensuring a lower whole-of-life cost. Being NSW Health Approved and certified to AS/NZS4032.1 2005, Aquablend TMVs offer a compliant solution to meet AS/NZS 3500 for heated water temperature control.