EIMCO Water Technologies  specialises in modern technology based water treatment solutions for industrial water and waste water management. The Enviroquip SymBio Elite process from EIMCO Water Technologies is an award winning methodology that does nitrification and denitrification of water simultaneously. This methodology is capable of providing a single step nitrogen and phosphorous removal for waste water treatment plant operators. The Excell Aerator Dual Impeller from EIMCO Water Technologies achieves increased floor scouring velocities in deep basins while consuming very less power. The benefits of this process include high oxygen transfer efficiency, optimised nutrient removal and increased power turndown. Construction benefits include less concrete, smaller footprints and significantly deeper basins.

EIMCO Water Technologies also provides the ACE Control system that enables real time process control and power optimisation. This is achieved by integrating dissolved oxygen monitoring and automatic aerator control with a customised operating algorithm. This maximises in channel nitrification and minimises DO concentration and constant temperature monitoring prevents operation in harmonic frequencies that can potentially cause vibration.

EIMCO Water Technologies also provides Hendrick passive screens which are extensively used in dam and river systems throughout North America to protect marine life from hydro electric turbines. By using passive screening technology, EIMCO Water Technologies also ensures lower projects costs, maintenance costs and reliable water delivery.