What is Continuous Deflective Separation (CDS)? Based on a surprisingly simple combination of non-blocking screens and flow direction, CDS is a non-powered, self cleaning alternative to traditional screening systems. The development of this Australian invention in removing pollution from stormwater has quickly propelled CDS Technologies towards becoming the market leader in stormwater pollution control.

In fact, CDS was the fastest company in Australian history to jump from incorporation to listing on the Australian Stock Exchange. The main advantage of the CDS technology is the patented non-blocking, self cleaning screen.

These attributes mean that CDS units maintain flows through a trap for the duration of a storm event, thus treating more runoff pollution volume for any given storm event when compared to direct screening alternatives.

Another major advantage of the CDS design is that maintenance costs are typically much lower than other Gross pollutant trap designs. This is because the screens remain unblocked, and hence there is no requirement to unblock them. Additionally, CDS devices can be cleaned using removable baskets, or via a vacuum truck, or even by a clam shell ‘grab’ truck.

This flexibility has allowed CDS devices to consistently achieve lower ongoing maintenance costs than alternative pollution control devices in a number of independent comparisons. CDS has now developed further products that allow stormwater, and even raw sewage, to be treated to a ‘Class A’ level, suitable for most forms of re-use.

Copa Water brings together two successful Australian companies, CDS Pty Ltd and Triwater.