EIMCO Water Technologies  is one of the leading suppliers of industrial water and effluent treatment processes. The water management concepts are essentially based on different combinations of modern day water treatment technologies like biological treatment, micro flotation and membrane filtration.

Clarification of water is done by EIMCO Water Technologies through column type and bridge type clarifiers and the various models available include the EWT clarifiers, reactor clarifiers and the Enviroquip SS series clarifiers. For separating solids and liquids in sewage treatment involving huge amounts of sand and inorganic material, the Copa SR-Sand separator system from EIMCO Water Technologies is used. Typical applications include pre treatment, grit removal, dewatering, high density cleaner rejects and pulp and paper density in municipal water treatment processes.

Industrial treatment applications include sea food and fish processing, meat processing, abattoirs, aluminium and other metal machining, citrus processing, compositing and incineration.

EIMCO Water Technologies is also a specialist in water intake applications through its Brackett Green line of products. These include drum screens, rakings, stop gate, band screens and bar screens. Fish protection and water filtration is also done through these systems.

Marine and offshore applications of EIMCO Water Technologies’ methods is done by reverse osmosis systems, heat recovery evaporators, sand bed filters, multi stage flash evaporators and hypochlorinators.