EIMCO Water Technologies  has recently released a comprehensive range of high efficiency EnviroFloc flocculants in Australia and New Zealand.

This broad range of powder and liquid emulsion polymers significantly enhances the solid-liquid separation processes in aqueous media in a range of vital applications, including clarification, thickening, flotation and dewatering. These powder and liquid emulsion polymers are used within industries such as resources, industrial and municipal water and wastewater.

EnviroFloc 3000, 4000 and 5000 formulation ranges are proven products from municipal water and waste water treatment specialists Eimco Water Technologies. Eimco has this year established a new Integrated Support Division to extend its services to Australasian business.

Steve Elsom, Group Business Manager at Eimco, explained that the broadly applicable range of EnviroFloc powder and liquid emulsion polymers and other products focus on the rapidly expanding range of companies that place a top priority on conserving and re-using water and protecting the environment.

Advantages of the EnviroFloc range of powder and liquid emulsion polymers include:

  • Both powder and liquid emulsion polymers are available 
  • Can be used with coagulants to promote larger floc size 
  • Complemented by in-house manufactured dosing systems, tailored application programmes and application technology expertise. 
  • Effective on all types of suspended solids including metals, dirt, dust and rust, insoluble organic compounds, oils and greases. Also acts on charged organic compounds, anionic surfactants, soaps and dispersants. 
  • Large range of products to choose form 
  • Provides an optimum number of polymer bridges per particle, with charge balance for best results in processes such as clarification. 
  • The range of powder and liquid emulsion polymers includes natural biodegradable products 
  • This results in optimum floc strength and enhanced overall turbidity removal