E-lift  specialise in providing a range of hydraulic lifts suited for residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

The company’s lifts including its ELT18T hydraulic residential lift can be easily installed to new homes and buildings or can also be retrofitted to existing multi-story residences. 

The EL18T hydraulic residential lift has a self-supporting integrated tower structure which is guided by a twin ram direct hydraulic drive. It is most suitable for installation into an existing shaft. 

Other key benefits and features of the EL18T hydraulic residential lift include: 

  • has a quality laminated timber interior
  • can be custom fitted with a range of flooring and carpeting
  • uses between 240 to 415 volts of energy depending on size 
  • standard normal size is 240kgs
  • standard large size is 340kg 
  • can travel up to 8000mm
  • travels up to a maximum of 0.30 metres per second 
  • has self closing manual swing doors 
  • uses a microprocessor automatic control
  • interior uses low voltage halogen downlights
  • has a 24VDC battery backup system