E-Lift  is an Australian manufacturer of elevators, with both domestic and commercial applications. The elevators from E-Lift can be installed internally or externally, in new and existing homes. These elevators or lifts are suited for shops, libraries, aged care facilities and office blocks. The products from E-Lift comply to Australian safety standards.

The specialties of E-lift elevators include requirement of minimum pit depths, easy installation, and high load bearing capacity. These elevators also eliminate the need of a structural wall and they require less maintenance. Another specialty is that, these elevators are hydraulically operated, making it smooth and fast. E-Lift products are also preferred because of its unique design and the quality of the components used.

2018PR from E-Lift is one of the special products, which has the structure of a self-supporting tower with a guided lift car. It is suited for private residence and can be installed either with existing units or as a free standing unit. This elevator has the capacity to hold either 3 people or wheel chairs. Halogen lighting, telephone and audible alarms are used inside the elevators. The floors are made of timber laminate.