E-Lift , manufacturers of elevators, offer the Melbourne designed and manufactured E-Lift elevators.

The E-Lift elevators offer the following:

  • Doors of customers’ choice, timber up to 2700mm high, glass or steel. The customers can even use their own doors
  • Fully concealed door closers
  • The customers can use their own door furniture to complete the look
  • Fix architrave around the doors to seamlessly blend E-Lift with the surrounding décor
  • No visible door sills, seamlessly continue the flooring material into the lift car

Wide choice of interiors including full stainless steel or one can use E-Lift’s raw finished solid MDF car to match the home’s wall colour to the lift car.

The E-Lift elevators have telephone recessed into stainless steel enclosures. Reduced headroom and pit options are also available.

the E-Lift elevator comes complete with its own fully enclosed structural tower, resulting in reduced construction costs as it remains totally independent of the building structure. No structural walls are required.