Elevators from E-Lift come in different models which have distinct applications. E-Lift elevators are widely used in residential buildings and customers prefer these elevators due to unique features including electro-hydraulic operation, capacity to carry 3-4 adults, low maintenance costs, ease of installation either internally or externally. In addition, there is a requirement of only 240 volt power and minimal pit depths. The elevators from E-lift also exclude the need for a structural wall for installation.

Residential stair climbers from E-Lift is very useful for aged and disabled people, since it gives easy access to the upper floor. The stair climbers are operated electrically and are safe and easy to use. These stair climbers from E-Lift have the capacity to carry one adult at a time. The stair climbers also require less installation time and maintenance.

Disabled access lifts are also manufactured by E-Lift for the aged and the disabled people. It has the capacity to carry either 3-4 adults or two adults and a wheelchair. Disabled access lifts are provided with handrails and they also have an option of an auto dial phone. E-Lift also manufactures public access lifts that can carry 6-9 adults. These lifts find use in commercial and multi-residential buildings.