The global reach of Dry-Treat , an Australian developer and manufacturer of high tech sealers for porous surfaces seems boundless, with the products now distributed in 35 countries. All the sandstone in the new £240mil BBC Scotland Headquarters building has been sealed both with Dry-Treat’s Enhance-Plus colour enhancer, and Stain-Proof, their flagship invisible impregnating sealer.  

“We’re a high tech minnow competing in a sea of large corporations,” commented Gabriel Chapman, Dry-Treat Brand Manager. “I’m lucky that the technology and quality of our products gives us this incredible word of mouth exposure. When you’re a manufacturer, you don’t necessarily have much contact with the end user of your products, but Dry-Treat pops up everywhere – recently we’ve discovered a temple in India, The Samsung Museum in Seoul, the new Police Memorial in Canberra, and now the new BBC Scotland Headquarters sealed with Dry-Treat products.”  

“Our success is not just technology based – features and benefits will only take you so far,” remarked Chapman. “Our business model supports Dry-Treat distributors, dealers and accredited applicators, with constant upgrade of our training programs, customised marketing and by not being greedy. Dry-Treat dealers don’t have to suffer four other dealers down the road selling the same thing. For a massive corporation this doesn’t make sense – you sell as much to as many people as you can, but for us, quality dealers and applicators help to create our reputation in the market.”