Dry-Treat supplied its STAIN-PROOF Original sealer for application on concrete pavers at the Parramatta Railway Station to protect against staining and maintain the clean look for a long time.

Located in the geographical centre of Sydney, Parramatta is a thriving suburban and business district with the railway station accommodating thousands of commuters each day. The heavy traffic subjects the concrete paver flooring in the underground station to daily dirt, contributing to costly maintenance. Though regular cleaning is carried out, the porosity of the pavers makes the surface vulnerable to deep staining.

The NSW transport authority sought to seal the pavers with a product that would reduce staining and keep the porous surface cleaner for longer. It was also important that the wet-slip resistance of the floor was not affected by the sealer as a slippery surface is an unacceptable hazard in public areas.

Key requirements for the sealer included superior stain repellence; retention of wet-slip resistance; ability for treated surface to stay cleaner for longer; and permanent bonding properties.

Dry-Treat’s STAIN-PROOF Original met all of the client’s requirements including superior water and oil repellence that would stop water, food and liquid spills from causing permanent staining. STAIN-PROOF Original permanently bonds to the material through a chemical reaction deep inside the pores where it is not affected by commercial cleaning processes or traffic. The sealer also retains the wet-slip resistance of surfaces.

Being a permanent sealer, STAIN-PROOF Original eliminates the need for regular re-application, reducing maintenance requirement. Even after seven years of application on the pavers at the railway station, the sealer provides superior stain repellence. STAIN-PROOF Original comes with a 15-year performance warranty when the product is applied by a Dry-Treat Accredited Applicator.

BTS Sealing was the Accredited Applicator on the Parramatta Station project.