Four products from Dry-Treat were used to clean up and seal a street in Mechelen, Belgium following a renovation to ensure long-term protection.

Also known as Abbey Street, The Bruul is a popular street in Mechelen, Belgium known for its shopping. Connecting the Dijle River to the Grote Markt (Grand Place), this main street featuring a Portuguese granite surface was renovated in 2015 and had sustained a lot of rust marks and stains as well as discarded chewing gum. Miranda and her team from accredited applicator Sealer Bvba were engaged to clean the street and seal it before the reopening.

The project brief had several requirements: The sealer must provide long-term protection against oil and water-based staining; safeguard against freeze-thaw spalling and efflorescence, and prevent rust marks; maintain the appearance of the surface; withstand heavy pedestrian traffic; allow easy maintenance and cleaning of the sealed surfaces; and deliver long-lasting protection to the surface, eliminating the need for reapplication.

The Dry-Treat Solution

For cleaning, Miranda and her team chose Dry-Treat’s Oxy-Klenza, a powerful, oxygen-based alkaline cleaner for general cleaning and stain removal. The rust marks that resulted from the iron content in the Portuguese granite were removed using Eff-Erayza, a new technology that was safer than acid and would also prevent further rust marks. Eff-Erayza was also used to remove any hardened cement left behind during the renovation.

The sealers chosen for this project included the Dry-Treat 40SK and Stain-Proof Original. The 40SK sealer was used for areas that were exposed to water, to give the stone added strength during the cold season when the freeze-thaw action occurred. Stain-Proof Original was used for other areas.

Applied using low-pressure sprayers, both Stain-Proof Original and Dry-Treat 40SK penetrate deep into the pores of the material, chemically bonding with the material and consequently being able to withstand the high foot traffic of The Bruul. Once cured, these sealers can only be removed by physically removing that part of the treated surface.

This resilience ensures Dry-Treat sealers can provide long-lasting protection against water and oil-based staining and damage caused by water ingress such as freeze-thaw spalling and efflorescence. Stain-Proof Original and Dry-Treat 40SK sealers come with a 15-year warranty if applied by Accredited Applicators. The longevity of the sealers eliminates the need for reapplication, reducing maintenance costs.